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We are committed to publishing the best fiction on the web. In each publication, you’ll find new stories, a letter from the editor and an author interview in our Interview with a Master Series. Check out past interviews in our archives with Richard Bausch, Paul Cody, George Saunders, Mathew Sharpe, Stacey Richter, Ana Menendez, T. C. Boyle, Junot Diaz, Adam Haslett, Steve Almond, and Alan Cheuse.

Don’t Just Submit. Learn to Receive.




For every submission we receive year round, we give personalized feedback. We’ll give our general impressions, point out the strengths and weaknesses and give you suggestions on how to fix your story. Submitting to Our Stories is free –and worth it. We have staffed Our Stories with short story writers and novelists to help you because we know what it’s like to send manuscripts off into the void, only to be rejected, never knowing what went wrong or how to fix it.

Writing Workshops

We offer one-on-one mentorships with any editor from Our Stories of your choosing. Was your critique helpful? Hire the editor to help you work through other stories, through several drafts. There are several one-on-one programs to choose from. To sign up, choose a staff member, then go to the workshop page for more information.



Our Stories has been reviewing literary fiction for the past 7 years (and counting). We had previously run contests year round and have decided that this model is our true self.

The following steps are necessary for you to particpate in our workshops:

  1. prepare your manuscripts.
  2. choose a staff member you would like to work with.--->Staff Page
  3. decide on the workshop that you'd like to undertake ---> Workshop Page
  4. email us any questions at ---> workshops@ourstories.us
  5. submit payment via paypal and our Workshop Page
  6. email the staff member your manuscript.

Begin your workshop.

any questions? email editor in chief, Alexis E Santi at editor@ourstories.us



* Reviews are not workshops as noted on our workshop page, ie.. short review and long review.




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