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Advertising with Our Stories is a simple and effective way to reach tens of thousands of writers involved with the literary arts within the dynamic community of writers we have created that grows every day. Since 2006, Our Stories has been publishing some of the finest short stories on the Web and interviewing some of the most noted authors in print, including: T.C. Boyle, Richard Bausch, George Saunders, and Junot Diaz, among many others. Our Stories receives over 100,000 hits and over 15,000 distinct visitors a month.

Don’t just submit.  Learn to receive.

As a result of running effective and qualitative one-on-one workshops and by having several short-fiction contests each year--during which we respond to every short story received--we have created more than a literary journal. Our presence via our blog and Face Book pages create interaction with a another sub-population of writers. When you advertise with Our Stories, your advertisements become part of the fabric of the Our Stories community.  This targeted marketing opportunity will get you the to closer to your target population.

Time tested and willing to adapt for success.

Our Stories has been around for the past six years and has been consistently growing our presence and brand since its inception.  We aren’t a literary journal that is going to disappear over night. We have adapted to the literary market since we first began and in turn have gone through some radical changes in our business plan.  We have a hard-working, paid staff and believe in our thoughtful, human-centered process at our core.

How much?

We offer a variety of different advertisements, but our three basic advertising opportunities include: box ads, tower ads, and footer ads.  Prices start at $125 a month.  We offer discount prices for multiple-month agreements and to repeat advertisers.  For a customized advertising plan, shoot us an email so we can begin helping you to work within your budget to create the most exposure for your investment.

Need more information?

Download our advertising prospectus and take a look at what we have to offer.  We’re willing to work with you and your marketing team to ensure that your ads are placed when you need them to be. For more information, email Editor in Chief, Alexis Santi, for more information: alexis@ourstories.us.


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Alexis E Santi

Alexis E Santi, Editor in Chief and Founder

Since 2006 Our Stories has been publishing award winning short stories and interviews. We believe we have not just founded a great literary journal but broke ground for a community of writers. The following advertising reports should assist you in your decision to advertise with OS. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me personally at alexis@ourstories.us.



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