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First Prize: $400
Second Prize: $50
Runners Up: $25
Honorable Mentions: kudos
All Submitters:  Customized review for each submission

The Emerging Writer Award is our annual contest to recognize writers who have not singificantly published and whose writing shows boundless promise. This is our third year running the Emerging Writer Contest and competition will undoubtedly be tough again this year. If you're wondering whether you fit the description of an emerging writer, ask yourself: "Do I have a book deal?" or "Do I have an agent working on a book deal?" if you answered no to either of these questions then you're an emerging writer.

At Our Stories, we believe it is better to give than receive. We are the only peer review literary journal on the web and our contests are no different. We don't buy into the idea that you should submit stories to a contest and not get anything in return. If your story is not chosen for publication we give you a customized review. We point out things in the plot, the dialogue, the beginning, and the ending. You receive a peer review for your story and we believe this is at least worth the cost of your contest entry. Here are some sample pdf reviews we we have done and our YouTube video below which shows you how we go about editing your story and what you receive for your "page by page" contest review fee. If that's too pricy for you then we offer another sort of contest entry where we will give you a paragraph to two paragraphs of general feedback. We like to think of this as a win-win for everyone involved we hope you do too.


Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3 | Sample 4

Page by Page feedback below:



Short stories must be under 6000 Words
Microsoft Word (.doc) format
No previously published stories or novel excerpts
For our taste in stories check out our archives
Submit as many times as you like

How to enter? Submit yout contest fee through the PayPal links below. After your submission fee is received you will automatically be forwarded to our online submission system where you will upload your submission(s).

General Feedback Contest Reviews   Page by Page Contest Reviews
1 story for $25
three stories for $60


After your payment is processed you will be redirected to our submissions page but it is here as a link in the event you're not redirected. If you have any questions please contact the editor, Alexis E Santí at editor(at)ourstories.us



Roy Jeffords

2010 Emerging Writer Award Winner


Shane Kraus

Shane Kraus
2009 Emerging Writer Award Winner
“Negotiating With Truth”

William Litton
2008 Emerging Writer Award Winner
“Piccadilly Romance, A Novel by Otis Litton”

Joni Koehler
2007 Emerging Writer Award Winner






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