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We brought you the Richard Bausch Award, the Emerging Writer Award and now we bring you the Gordon Award. The Gordon Award is the Our Stories prize for the best piece of flash fiction, the strongest, the best and most powerful piece of flash fiction in this universe and beyond.

Our Stories is pleased to announce this contest open from January 15th until April 15th. The winner of the Gordon Award will receive $200 and 3-5 runners up will have their submission fees waived.

2010 Winner - Moshiach is Here

Paula Paige

Paula Paige

JENNA SCOWLED AT THE DOORMAN AS SHE LEFT THE BUILDING ON WEST END AVENUE AND WALKED TOWARD BROADWAY. Hey, you creep, she thought, I’m not a home-breaker:  his wife’s already left!  This neighborhood was definitely not her scene.  Why did Roger live up here, anyway?  All these kids, baby strollers bumping you right and left, as though these mousy moms owned the street!   Children crying everywhere, even in nice restaurants, like the boy last night:  “I don’t want any crème brûlée!”   Then why not leave the kid home, with Oreos?  Now if she had a child . . .  but she didn’t, and had no plans to have one, pregnant or not. Why compound Roger’s hassles?  The last thing he needed right now was another kid, along with his bitchy, alimony-grubbing, soon-to-be ex.

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2011 Winner -Guinotte Wise

Guinotte Wise

A HOT ROD FORD, PRIMERED, LOWERED, LOUD AND DEFIANT, NOT A VEHICLE PARENTS LIKED TO SEE IN THEIR DRIVEWAYS, IDLING WITH MENACE. Quiet now, and occupied in the still, star-breathing night.  Penny and Butch in some kind of locked-together pain yet not that, just what was referred to in the 50’s as heavy petting, adding moist sighs to the close and humid darkness, the barely moving trees. 

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Flash fiction stories must be under 1000 Words
Micro fiction also cool
All genres accepted
Microsoft Word (.doc/x) format

For our taste in stories check out our archives

Flash Fiction Contest

Like our other contests, you will receive a review of your work for your submission fee. Our flash fiction reviews will be slightly different from our other contest reviews as they will be two to three paragraphs of overall thoughts as opposed to page-by-page reviews.

At Our Stories, we believe it is better to give than receive. We don't buy into the idea that you should submit stories to a contest and not receive anything in return.


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Check out this page for comments from past submitters, our reviews will be thoughful and help you along the next draft.

Submit using the PayPal links below, after payment is received you will be redirected to our submissions page. If you have any questions please contact us at editor@ourstories.us. Thank you and best of luck!






"I am pleased to bring the third annual Gordon Award of Flash Fiction back to Our Stories. The online journal is the perfect home for flash fiction and Our Stories is the most committed journal in the planet..  It’s my hope to showcase some of the best flash fiction here on the web for another year.  As always, my staff and I will read and review your work and give something back to you for your submission fees, otherwise—we wouldn’t be Our Stories, would we?  Best of luck and may the strongest earthling win the Gordon Award." 


Alexis E Santi, Editor in Chief

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