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Our Stories is conducting a national search for two interns to begin work in January of 2012 for the spring semester.

We are hiring two fall interns for the following positions:

Publishing Intern to design the Best of Our Stories Volume V print issue and begin development on our OS Publishing iniaitive.

Advertisting and Marketing intern who will assist in the creative entrepreneurship, selling advertising space on our website and coming up with creative marketing plans and utilizing social media.

All interns will be supervised by Editor in Chief, Alexis E Santí, MFA Geroge Mason University, and will learn the ropes of the online publishing industry while at the same time working to develop their understanding of creative writing by training with Alexis E Santi (if so desired) in how to read and review short stories.

All of our internships are supervised remotely which means you get to work from home.

  • Publishing Intern: Our Stories publishes an annual "best of" print issue of all their stories of the year. This year will be our fifth year in putting the book together. The intern will communicate with over twenty authors, collect pictures, biographies and place the proper text into an existing template. Candidate must have a background in desktop publishing and have a strong attention to detail. There is a possibility of extending the internship into the fall if the intern wishes to design books for future publication. Finally, the intern will work hand-in-hand with Editor in Chief, Alexis E Santi.
  • Advertising & Marketing Intern: Our Stories is a literary journal which has over a million hits a year. With five years of continual growth we are looking to expand our business model in a variety of ways. We at Our Stories wish to sell ad space on our website, inside of print journals and seek to expand our outreach and place reciprocal links and ads in other literary journals (print and web). Intern will be responsible for all internal and external marketing, including outreach with Facebook, Twitter, regular newsletters, etc.. Successful ad placement from other journals and companies will result in earnning a 25% cut of all advertising profits. The Advertising and Marketing Intern will work directly with Editor in Chief, Alexis E Santi.

Please apply by sending us the following below by January 10th:

      1. A cover letter that tells us how you found us and let us know why you would be a good candidate for the position and if you're stumped start at answering those four questions above.
      2. A resume with previous work experience and a list of releveant classes that would assist you in interning with us.

      All interns will be supervised by EIC, Alexis E Santi and have have two weekly conference calls for supervision. Additional supervision will be provided by Joseph Nalbone, Elizabeth Kadetsky and other staff members as assigned. This is a work from home internship and previous interns, for the past four years, have enjoyed the freedom to complete projects as needed and come to understand the unique business model of Our Stories and the process that we take in publishing outstanding literature.

Send all correspondence to editor@ourstories.us. Applications will be reviewed and interviews scheduled as applications come in. We hope to have made final decisions by January 15th. Thank you for your interest in Our Stories and we wish you the best of luck in finding the right internship for you academic career.


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