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THE TUBE LIGHTS FLICKERED ON. You were about to bite my cheek and stopped. We rustled against Collins and Dawson, the musk of shuffled pages settling to a hush. A shabby grad fingered the spines of nihilists two aisles over and I mouthed stop before the words could hatch in your throat. You leaned into the collar of my coat and mumbled something husky. The slow drag of an undergrad’s Uggs through Hegel was no deterrent. You wanted to make love in the bookstacks and I loved that you wanted to make love in the bookstacks, though I probably would have said fuck. We neither had papers nor powerpoints looming and two a.m. bookstacks are pitch black and empty till the clack of Nine West stilettos cuts down PS1190 to PS3320 and even then the tube lights burst on like an isolated and noncommittal rainstorm and dissolve back to blackness once footsteps recede. And we knew the dull yellow painted metal of the second shelf would be cold against my bare buttocks and we argued over the significance of which aisle to do it in but we agreed without speaking to avoid anything sentimental, ruling out Shakespeare and Nelson Mandela, Morrison and Plath. A wet and open spasm dislodged the biography of de Sade and it coptered to the marble with a splat. You sat against a stack and invited me to your lap. I climbed and rocked and watched your head loll back to paperbacks that collapsed into a neighboring aisle. The stacks were never mopped or swept and their floors powdered us with dust. You lifted me into a mid-air buck, my denim dangling from my ankle like an orphan. We choked our thrill and tensed for footsteps. We blushed.

Thursday I went for sufis and mystics and the biography of Abd al-Malik. You were there in the aisle, with a sweater and glasses, and your hair perfectly combed. 




Kristiana Colón


Kristiana Colón, one of Chicago's Def Poets, is a graduate student at the School of the Art Institute Chicago. Her first chapbook entitled pieces of shedu was published by Ice Box Press in November of 2008 Publication credits include After Hours, The Houston Literary Review, Acentos Literary Review, Midwestern Edition, Contrary, Bare Root Review, Two With Water, and Blacklight. Kristiana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature/Creative Writing from the University of Chicago and is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Writing.  She is pursuing a career in literary and performance art and arts education.

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