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Our Stories Mission Statement

We are proud to support the creative fiction work of our community and are committed to publishing great work that shows the promise of gifted, emerging writers.
____We believe in interviewing already established authors, not only talking to them about their writing, but also giving our audience an insight into the struggles they faced to get where they are today.
____We believe that the submission process has room for humanity, that a reader for a journal can let the writer know what they were thinking when they read their story, to give the writer "an eye into our mind.”
____So, we are proud to not just publish the work of outstanding writers, but committed to working with writing that hasn't arrived at its full greatness.
____Every story sent to us during our open submission period receives a brief "overall thoughts" feedback. This is a unique opportunity for the writer and our staff to communicate during what is otherwise a cold, silent process.
____During our contest periods, we provide an extensive, peer review for your work, included in the contest fee.
____At Our Stories we reject the status quo that uses the contest period to pad a budget, with minimal effort for your submission fees. Your submission fees go directly to the staff member who reviews your work--the rest gets eaten by Paypal.
____We are unique because we work for you at Our Stories, all year round, and because we have a proven commitment to writers who may not have had the chances that we had, in a creative writing community or MFA program.
____And, finally, we are unique because we are committed to the growth of English letters and believe that it is through this commitment to the submission process--as realized at Our Stories--that we contribute to literature so by honoring this commitment, we allow the craft to grow and become more widely known, offering an even greater role to literature's influence on society at large.


Justin Nicholes

Jen Knox

Elizabeth Kadetsky

David Joiner

Jac Jemc

Ashley Farmer

Katherine Gehan

Our Stories Literary Inc

1447 Collins Ave. Saint Louis, MO 63117





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