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Best of Our Stories - Volume 1
This collection brings together the short fiction of over thirty of the finest emerging writers found on the web. The first edition of the BoOS broke ground on a literary journal that decided to be different, be decent and give back to not only the people we published here--but who we didn't publish. There are many fine short stories here, like Veronica Vela's story, "Sister's Back" a story with many moments of painful tenderness. Or something like Cara Hoffman's Best of the Web anthologized short story "Waiting" whose powerful command of language grips you by the forehead and directs you to the flickering lights rendering the story. In addition to many other fine stories, the quarterly essays of Alexis E Santi reside in this edition. We published interviews with Richard Bausch, Paul Cody, George Saunders and Matthew Sharpe all in these editions. The original art work of Saint Louis mixed media artist Collin Michael Shaw grace the front and back cover of this beautiful book.
Best of Our Stories Volume 1
Best of Our Stories - Volume 2
This volume brings together some amazing short stories that take your breath away. Starting with the 2007 Emerging Writer Award Winner Joni Koehler, whose lovely prose reminds you of Eudora Welty. Emerging Writer Award winner for 2008 story, Picadilly Romance by William Litton (a hilarious account in a Pale Fire sort of way that would make Nabakov dance in his grave). Then take Ross Carper's hilarious cranky anti-hero The World Created by Nolan Schaumberg. Every story you will find in this volume can move you to tears of joy in their prose. In addition to Alexis E Santi's insightful essays on the craft of writing this volume brings together the interviews of Stacey Richter, Ana Menendez, TC Boyle and Junot Diaz. The art work of Collin Michael Shaw is used for the front and back cover of this book.
Best of Our Stories Volume 2
Best of Our Stories - Volume 3

What do you get when you publish award winning short stories, including our second anthologized story Lindsay Merbaum's powerful story "Cannibal Love" or the heavily circulated tragic short story of Thomas Lisenbee, winner of the first annual Richard Bausch short story prize? You get a great collection of short stories that cannot be matched. This issue also holds our third anthologized short story in the Dzanc Best of the Web series in Kristiana Colon's story "ex-libiris". Combine these stories with the interviews of Adam Haslett, Steve Almond, Alan Cheuse and Stuart Dybek and as always the essays of the craft by Alexis E Santi, including his powerful essay, "Secrets of Publishing Revealed!". Finally, if that wasn't enough, this collection contains over 15 original photos from New York City photographer Jesse Winter. His collection in these page, and beautiful cover shot is a wonderful compliment to a collection full of grace.

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Best of Our Stories Volume 3
Best of Our Stories - Volume 4

The forth volume of the Best of Our Stories highlights stories such as the second annual Richard Bausch award winning short story "Touch" by Jesse Goolsby, The first annual Gordon Award for Flash Fiction "Moshiach is Here by Paula Spurlin Paige and the third annual Emerging Writer Award story, "Ozymandias" by Roy Jeffords. The stories included in this edition of Our Stories are no less than the culmination of a literary journal doing what it does best--finding and rooting out page after page of excellent literature. We also include two interviews in this volume, with Dorothy Allison and Karen E. Bender. Finally, this edition has the breathtaking photography of Bob Reuter, a legend in the St. Louis music scene, whose LoFi photographs have earned him distinction for years. This collection of photos, of which we publish 18 original shots inside the journal and stunning cover shot, bring his work to an international audience.

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Best of Our Stories Volume 4
Our Stories Collection Package - Volumes 1-4
Why not give the gift of independent publishers to your friends and family? We will box up and gift wrap all four of our Best of Our Stories volumes and ship them to the address of your choosing. We've discounted the collection by $12 off the normal price and we're including free shipping and gift wrapping. Further, Editor Alexis E. Santi will sign each copy of these editions. By purchasing all four issues at once you will not only be saving yourself money on the overall package but you will be supporting an indy publisher and financing future projects for Our Stories. Give the gift of Indy Books
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Alexis Santi @ Our StoriesAlexis E Santi

Each of these volumes of Our Stories brings together the passion of a literary board that reads every story with great care and an eye for improvement. While at the same time the Best of Our Stories collects the collective talent of what we see as the best short stories on the web today. When buying these volumes consider that you are not only supporting these writers but you are supporting a literary journal that endeavors to give feedback to each and every short story that didn't make it into these pages. Without selling these books and your support, we simply could not go on running as we have. If you have any questions please contact me directly at editor@ourstories.us. Thank you!




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